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Executive Coaching serving your company development

Enable Executives develop their role while building powerful teams and resilient organizations

Powerflow delivers Executive coaching
to support key organizational steps

Step up your C Level Role

  • Take a new position
  • Reshape your role
  • Develop leadership skills

Develop a powerful executive team

  • Make C Levels a team
  • Change governance
  • Align C Levels on a transformation project

Preserve partners alliance

  • Develop partners alliance
  • Prepare an exit
  • Handle conflict

Powerflow key success factors


Gain clarity

We use and share with you robust tools to help you address complex situations, and gain autonomy in the long run

We make sure to help you read through “soft” topics with clear reading keys, with no black box or magic wand


Make action a priority

We work with C Levels that operate their activity hand on : we make sure to have business as a priority within our interventions

There is nothing like testing in the real world and actually change - better than theoretical speech, we make action a priority helping you identify the next action to take


Rely on A level experts

We leverage our interventions with market best practices and best in class

We don’t believe we are omnipotent experts : we closely work with A level experts to address specific needs during our missions

Les coachs









  • + 100 coached entrepreneurs and C levels
  • + 50 clients


  • C Level Governance
  • Partners mediation
  • Complex and urgent decision making
  • Team profiling
  • Stress management with neuroscience
  • Assertive communication
  • Conflict management
  • Team and CEO motivation
  • Emotional intelligence

Accreditations and partners

  • Certification ICF PCC
  • l’Institut de médecine environnementale Partner

Assertiveness as a pillar

Assertiveness is the ability to authentically share thoughts, while listening actively to your counterpart

This posture enables drive conversations that matter, creates genuine relationships and build collective solutions 

Assertiveness is a horizon that we try and build in every conversations.

Founder Powerflow

After 7 years in digital marketing and 4 years in a consulting company specialized in entrepreneurship and innovation, I became a coach in 2017 and I founded Powerflow in 2022 to support C Level teams and entrepreneurs with coaching.

I am passionate about my work, I love building trusting relationships with C Levels that focus their energy on developing companies with enthusiasm and authenticity.

I aspire to make C Level’s work thriving, building nurturing and courageous relationships - making their projects an exciting adventure.

I work with an A level team of coaches and experts which level of excellence inspire me. We combine our talents and skills to answer strategic, human and complex C Level challenges.

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